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The "All-In-One" Hull, Deck, Cabin And Spar Coating For Ultimate Protection
All boat owners struggle with gelcoat or clear coat degradation caused by UV exposure, air and water borne contaminants, blown grit, dirt and dust, solvents and corrosion. The negative effects these factors place on exposed surfaces not only make for a dull appearance but also reduce the water and dirt shedding abilities of decks, cabins, masts, booms, hatch and windshield surrounds and other areas. This, in turn, impedes drying, creates needless drag and encourages seepage. Generally small concerns but when considered on a cumulative basis over your entire vessel for a number of seasons, a potentially sizable nuisance.

Aside from top-notch appearance all boat owners need to shield their vessels from such negative influences and SPORT POLISH by
HOLMENKOL is one of the easiest to apply and longest lasting protectants available specifically formulated for marine applications. Because SPORT POLISH is comprised of evenly sized and self-attracting ultra small nano particles the protective barrier it provides is more uniform, all-encompassing and longer lasting than competing products.

Simplify Maintenance, Enhance Appearance And Nano-Shield Your Boat

o Cleaning And More - Remove Surface Dirt And Debris, Create A Smooth Coating And Seal Surfaces For Optimal, UV-Stable Protection

o Multi-Use - Designed Specifically For Use On Any Watercraft And Any Type Of Surface - Gelcoat, Clear Coat, Paints, Carbon And Metals

o Detergent Free - Avoid Dulling, Over Aggressive Materials And Help Protect The Environment

o Long-Lasting Protection - Because Nano Particles More Completely Fill And Uniformly Cover Surface Imperfections And Pitted Or Otherwise Damaged Areas, Your Boat Is Enveloped In A Nano Substructure Resulting In Optimum Weather And Environmental Shielding

o Slow Down Aging - A More Thorough Surface Coating Means That After Paints, Gelcoats And Clear Coats Are Renewed With SPORT POLISH They Retain Their Restored Appearance Far Longer

o Near Effortless Application - A Triple Impact Coating (Cleaner / Polish / Sealer) Is Achieved With Less Effort Due To Nano-Slipperiness Minimizing Application And Buffing Time

o Preparation Agent For Aqua Speed Bottom Treatment - SPORT POLISH Should Be Utilized To Prepare Hard Surfaced Boat Or Board Bottoms Prior To Applying Drag Reducing Aqua Speed From HOLMENKOL (See The BOTTOMS & FOILS Page Of This Website)

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Conversion, Volumes & Coverage:
Coverage estimates based upon average results, values are rounded. Results may vary.
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** CLEANER 8 in 1

Safe, Effective Liquid Cleaner For Most Any Job
A general purpose cleaner for all boat or home cleaning needs and ideal for preparing surfaces for specialized HOLMENHOL products.

Adjust mixture to meet cleaning demands. Formulated specifically to remove stubborn dirt and oils from gelcoat, plastics, composites, laminates, glass, metals, ceramics, wood, stone and textiles.

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Conversion, Volumes & Coverage:
Coverage estimates based upon average results, values are rounded. Results may vary.
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Safe, Effective Aerosol Stripping Agent For Removal Of Older Coatings
A stripping spray specifically configured to remove old layers of coatings including polishes and waxes. Does an excellent job of preparing a gelcoat surface for SPORT POLISH and AQUA SPEED.

Spray on clean, dry surfaces, allow to stand for a few seconds then wipe off. Ideal surface preparation agent. Economical and environmentally friendly.

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Conversion, Volumes & Coverage:
Coverage estimates based upon average results, values are rounded. Results may vary.
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