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The Ultimate Protector / Refresher For Fabrics Facing What Nature Dishes Out
Sail and boat covers, Bimini tops, dodgers, spray hoods, tarpaulins and more on boats as well as packs, totes, carry bags for personal use in any outdoor activity, can benefit from POWER IMPREGNATION.

Combining the best of current technology with the naturally self-cleaning characteristics of the lotus plant, POWER IMPREGNATION provides near perfect protection for high tech woven fabrics that face the extremes of nature.

Using nano particles in the same dirt-repelling manner as the lotus plant POWER IMPREGNATION not only keeps fabrics looking great but helps them last longer as well.

Botanists long ago discovered that the leaves of the lotus plant have a natural ability to remain clean and dry even though the plants thrive along the muddy banks of rivers, lakes and ponds. This �lotus effect� in which water droplets roll off the plant's surfaces taking dirt, debris and other contaminants (including organic material) with them has been duplicated by Holmenkol and formulated into an ideal spray-on coating for most any material used in outdoor activities. The Lotus-Hybrid-Matrix links various technologies resulting in a highly effective coating for Nylon, Polyester, Polyurethane, cotton and mixed fabric items.

Dirt and debris are easily rinsed away, oils cannot penetrate and molds, mildew and fungus are unable to get a start. Plus the formulation has been enhanced with the addition of UV protectants to reduce sun damage.

Lotus Hybrid Matrix: The linking of various technologies (including nano science) such that a lotus plant mimicking water and dirt repellent, self-cleaning surface is created.

Prolong Fabric Life, Improve Appearance, Save Money

The bottom line is cleaner, brighter covers and gear that look better longer, provide maximum protection and maintain breathability.

Click HERE to learn more about the lotus effect at Wikipedia.

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Thorough Deep Cleaning Agent For Machine Washing All Technical Fabrics
Special hand or machine use detergent created for all fabrics including high quality, breathable sports and technical clothing and synthetic fillings. Contains no bleaches, dyes or fillers and is effective in cold or warm water.

Safe for use on all fabrics including Gore-Tex, eVent, Coolmax, Outlast, Soft Shells, Sympatex, Schoeller, etc. as well as such insulating materials as Thinsulate, Thermolite, Primaloft, etc.*

Cleans thoroughly by gently coaxing dirt particles and salt residue from fabrics. Also provides an �active dry� additive that causes moisture to be attracted to clothing allowing garments to better absorb TEXTILE WASH during washing for more complete cleaning. The active dry additive also helps keep moisture from the body during garment use thus providing additional warmth.

All cleaning agents in TEXTILE WASH are biodegradable.

* Gore-Tex is a W.L.Gore brand, eVent is a General Electric brand, Coolmax is a trademark of INVISTA, Outlast is an Outlast Technologies, Inc. trademark, Sympatex is a Aksel, Nobel, Fraser, AG trademark, Schoeller is a Schoeller Textil, AG trademark, Thinsulate is a 3M brand, Thermolite is a E.I. du Pont de Nemours trademark, Primaloft is a Albany International, Corp. trademark.

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Conversion, Volumes & Coverage:
Coverage estimates based upon average results, values are rounded. Results may vary.
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