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Performance And Protection Redefined For Aquatic Gear And Clothing

At HOLMENKOL we understand how important time on the water is to you and have organized a series of products to not only enhance your enjoyment but protect your investment as well. Drawing on more than 80 years of success as a leading supplier of ski waxes and other materials to improve the performance of skiers from Olympians to beginners, the scientists at HOLMENKOL have now focused their expertise on creating a series of products that meet the demands of harsh aquatic environments.

For cleaning, friction reduction, restoration, beautification and ease of maintenance the AQUATIC and CARE lines provide easy to use, long-lasting solutions that allow water borne equipment and clothing to function at peak levels and look sharp.

By blending NANO-science, LOTUS cleaning capabilities and HYGIENIC fabric treatments with environmentally conscious formulations, HOLMENKOL products are the natural choice for cleaning, lubricating and protecting just about everything you use outdoors and especially around the water - the critical edge in caring for hulls, decks, topsides, foils, sails, hardware, clothing, footwear, glass or plastic and anything else you use outdoors.

For Those Who Demand Perfection Of Themselves And Their Gear, HOLMENKOL Is The Right Choice.

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