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0.5 Liter / 18 Fluid Ounce Bottles

Insulating Sweaters For 0.5 Liter Bottles

V 0.5 Blue
V 0.5 Liter Green
V 0.5 Liter Pink
V 0.5 Liter Purple
V 0.5 Liter Red
V 0.5 Liter Gray
V Blue Sweater

V Grey Sweater

V Pink Sweater









0.7 Liter / 24 Fluid Ounce Bottles

1.0 Liter /  36 Fluid Ounce Bottle

V 0.7 Liter Water
V 0.7 Liter Fire
V 0.7 Liter Wind

V 1.0 Liter





vapur ANTI-BOTTLES flatten and fold or roll for easy transport when empty and are BPA-free. They make a great addition to any activity, are always beneficial to your health, planet friendly and rugged as all get-out.

Dishwasher safe, freezable, BPA-Free, good for the environment and ready for any adventure, vapur fits life.

They come in three handy sizes:

0.5 Liter / 18 Fluid Ounces  ~  0.7 Liter / 24 Fluid Ounces  ~  1.0 Liter / 36 Fluid Ounces

Made from an inner layer of BPA-free Polyethylene and two outer layers of Nylon, vapur bottles are healthy for humans (animals too) and kids love the colors.

Group buys, school / college / university, team, business and charitable organization discounts are available - it's all about the volume. Inquiries regarding large quantity purchases or purchases connected to nonprofits are encouraged. Please send us details via EMAIL about your event, group, business, team, etc.

Plus, vapur ANTI-BOTTLES can be imprinted with your logo or graphic to promote events, special occasions, achievements, or anything that deserves unique recognition. Click HERE or on the BRANDING links above or below to learn more and tell us about your needs.

And insulating / wicking SWEATERS (BLUE Stripe / GREY Stripe / PINK Stripe) are available to cover and protect 0.5 liter ANTI-BOTTLES are available to keep beverages colder, longer. Good looking, rugged, practical, made from 72% Acrylic, 25% Polyester and 3% Spandex.
SWEATERS are hand washable in cold water with carabiner removed and then can be drip-dried.

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